Story Has It began as a creative outlet. We met working in the book world and our friendship grew around our fascination with backstories. We thought there must be others who are equally curious, so we channelled our enthusiasm and energy into this platform!

Yara has worked in advertising and marketing for several years, a career that taught her a lot about the different challenges of storytelling. Her tastes hop between literary fiction and bingeworthy TV dramas and she has found an unexpected love for art backstories.

Gillian has a background in publishing and has worked in both Programming and Communications for arts festivals in Scotland and the UAE. She loves to read across genres, enjoys a deep-dive documentary and loves a bit of 80s nostalgia!

We are so pleased that so many people have joined us on this journey so far - come along as we reflect and dig deeper into the ‘stories behind the stories’.

Yara and Gillian

Two Women, One Obsessionn!